Ways To Decorate A Garden Wall With Antique Plates And Pot Planters

Having a garden can be a great thing. It is usually used to plant trees and hang out with friends and family. Houses that have a garden attached to it can be used for many purposes. Although people tend to decorate their homes with a lot of care, we often miss out on the garden. There are many ways a garden can be decorated. Many people transform it into a campfire spot or an outdoor theatre. But for those who are into old things can opt for a much bright and minimalist look. Decorating the garden with antique plates and pot planters is a great way to add a little rustic charm. Use Hotozcoupons promo code to buy antique plates and pots at a good price.

Ways to decorate the garden with plates and pot planters

Some of the ways, one can decorate their garden with beautiful pot planters, and antique plates are discussed below.

  • Assorted plate wall

One of the most common ways to decorate a garden wall with plates is by hanging an assorted collection. There are many ways a person can choose which type of plates they want to hand. They can choose based on colours, size, shape or even display an array of mismatched plates.

  • Antique picture plates

Who does not like to display pictures of their loved ones? Using an antique plate as a photo frame can be a great way to display and decorate the garden wall. They can use this format to display the family tree. Plates with photos are commonly seen in many households, and it is a cherished decorative idea.

  • Pots hung on a pallet.

Using a pallet to display the collections of pots can be a great way to decorate the garden. To get the desired look, one does not need much. A pallet, some containers with your favourite plant and some stainless steel are required in order to get the desired look. This is an excellent way to showcase various plant collections, and one can even paint the pallet according to their wish to get the rustic look.

  • Old metal box planter

Who knew that old rusty metal box could be transformed into a beautiful pot planter? Many of us like to plant succulents and display them for people to see. One of the best ways to showcase the succulents is in an old metal box. Metal boxes that are old tend to get rust. This adds to the look one desires to achieve. Planting succulents in the old metal box can help one get the old antique look they want for their garden.

  • Antique plate collection wall with chair planters

Many of us have a hobby to collect various antique plates. Using the garden wall to display the collection of the plate can be a great idea. To add more charm to the look, they can place an old chair under the plate collection and plant some pots. This combination can work wonders for the garden and give it a beautiful look.


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