Wrongly Accusing Of Digitally Harassing Ex-girlfriend

I’m a bot whose single objective is to enhance accuracy and the timeliness of answers within this subreddit. It seems you forgot to add your place in the body or title of your article. Please upgrade your initial post’s entire body to add this info. Do NOT delete this article – just edit the article with all the information. Since she had found somebody else last year my girlfriend and I of two years broke up. I had afterward heard she cheated on me with another man and with him while we were dating. Fast forward to last September and I got a telephone call at her college telling me of harassing her after dividing in the authorities. I really don’t know specifically what the texts said, however, I was told they had been around disgusting and threatening.

I was informed I am not permitted to get in touch with her or visit her campus, but not that I would anyhow. I understand that provided we awakened I would be a prime guess but I didn’t have any contact with her because we broke up and now I have. I did talk to the authorities at my college and I talked to my ex’s father and they do not think that it was me, IDK if that is true. I’d have liked to try to solve this together with my ex but this choice isn’t readily available to me. Lots of things don’t make sense to me, such as why she hasn’t just changed her telephone number, or I was not contacted by her or her parents prior to visiting the authorities. See more here https://application-partners.com/keylogger/best-keylogger-app-for-iphone/

I would not be shocked if those messages were being sent by her to himself , but I doubt. A few months have gone by I have not got any updates about the development of the investigation. I’d love to know who’s sending those messages into my ex because they made an effort to frame me. I’m extremely uneasy knowing someone out there needed to make me arrested. My parents are afraid that the texts could persist or get worse and I get in trouble. I’m concerned having something such as this around my throat could impact me once I apply for graduate school or attempt to acquire work.