The Real Reasons Why Smoking is So Bad For You, From an Ex-Smoker!

I’m sure you’ve seen this many times before, however our bodies rely on healthy foods, fresh drinking water and fresh air in order to perform at a high level. If we fail or forget to perform these tasks regularly, our bodies won’t be pleased with us and may even rebel. If our bodies are rebelling, we are less energetic, feel uneasy and generally old unpleasant. Most of us are guilty of making poor choices each day. We drink too many drinks at a celebration, eat lots of junk food, and we eat too much. Our appetites have increased. Many of us harm our bodies through doing the same things. They can be changed by committing our thoughts to it, but there are millions of people who cause much more harm to their bodies, and repeat the same thing day after day. Smoke.

Do you know that smoking cigarettes can not only decrease the appetite of a person, and in certain instances is a great thing, but smoking can also drastically reduce the desire to have a sex? You will find out, is not an ideal thing! According to research, it can calm people who are being stressed and anxious but research suggests that smoking cigarettes can increase heart rate and elevates blood pressure. According to the smokers themselves, just as I experienced when I was smoking cigarettes, we feel it eases our nerves. Therefore, I’m not sure about this at all. I have always felt a massive relief. However, research has shown that it causes the heart to work more difficult because larger blood vessels are engorged, which makes the heart work harder than it normally does. This additional work can cause many additional stress on the heart and may result in coronary disease and/or stroke. The constricted blood flow results in poor circulation at the extremities, which not only causes extremly frigid feet but could also lead to more serious conditions like feeling and sensation loss on the feet, hands, and other. If you are unable to feel your feet the way you normally do, you could injure yourself and not realize how serious it is until it’s too late and the damage has become irreparable.

To return to the issue of sex drives Did not you learn that smoking renders men ineffective? Also, it causes women to disappear from sex completely. Many will debate this and say that it’s not factual, but it is! Reduced blood flow can be seen everywhere, even the genitals of both sexes. If there is no blood flowing, men is unable to sustain, or at times even experience an erection. women won’t feel the excitement that can trigger natural oil production. Sex should be a major element of a healthy life, unless there some other religious or religious reason to be in a state of celibacy.

Smoking cigarettes contains so many well-known poisons that it could make you feel sick just to look at them listed. On that list is the chemical known as Polonium-210. If this sounds a bit similar to what you are used to, I’ll refresh your memories. Polonium-210 is the poison that food & drink cuban food was used to kill an unidentified Russian spy in the year 2006. This kind of could make you think, right?

It’s also a matter of the smell resembling a smoking cigarette or an ashtray. All I can say is YUCK! It’s funny because is that when you’re smoking, you do not smell it and I used to believe that my friends were doing it to me, but as it turned out, they were not. If I’m close to anyone who smokes, it’s awful. I am extremely nauseated. The hair, clothing and your home is a sour smell. In my opinion, nothing is the way as bad as breath after smoking cigarettes. I was once convinced that I could wash my hands , and nobody would notice the difference. But boy was I mistaken. Let’s talk about your appearance smoking causes wrinkles around your eyes as well as your mouth. Don’t forget that smoking can stain your nails and teeth, and gives them a the unpleasant yellow color.

Smoking cigarettes is harmful This is the fact. It is not a matter of justifying or downplaying it. It is not possible to be “kind of smoking” just as you could be a an alleged murderer or a type of pregnant. Smoke once a week or every hour, it’s all the same. Every single cigarette you take in could be the one that’s going to be your last one, one way or the other.